Stronger Stories is a social enterprise on a mission to share storytelling power and make change happen.

Good ideas need support to grow. Much of the thinking on accelerating change has been focused on resource, when our reasons for embracing change are much more complicated and human than we think.

There’s an abundance of solutions to the world’s problems, yet good ideas are struggling to be heard when we need them most. For too long storytelling power has been held by the few and used to serve their own interests.

A stronger story can cut through the clutter of mass media spending and change behaviour.

Unless people from all groups, organisations and communities can get their good ideas the attention they deserve, thousands of potential solutions will be lost. We need more voices and more choices to solve problems faster

I bring what I’ve learnt working on brand campaigns for change (such as the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Channel 4’s Meet the Superhumans) to the content, tactics and campaigns Stronger Stories creates.