Sweet Story Treats!

I just received an email from @Arun who spotted this storytelling gem in his inbox this morning…

A great example from Hotel Chocolat of how to elevate the What, How and Why of your business into a compelling bite-sized communication that leaves the audience wanting to find out more…

We did warn you guys that unlocking the pattern behind the world’s most successful stories might result in the desire to decode elements of your life that you wouldn’t expect :joy: :chocolate_bar:

If you’ve spotted any storytelling prowess out in the wild, we’d love to hear how it struck a chord with you…

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Hello Lea,

Like a good strong coffee, the Stronger Stories needs time to sink in to the poise, listen, think, create, explore & share.

I will keep referring to the tools and styles we explored in our sessions.

The engagement with the SS team has been enlightening because it exposed ideas to myself (a complete tech head) and my fellow company people.

I did say, I delivered some SS in business telling. I will keep you up to date. I want our people to stay connected to you.

Good work,

Kind Regards, Jonathan

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Hello Lea,

The story of Hotel Chocolate is close to me.

I joined a high tech company making imaging systems for animals. I made friends with my next manager in the business.

We did our work and then went different ways.

Michael & wife were dear.

Michael astonished us.

They brought a gift box of Chocolates, that we had never seen. It was from “Hotel Chocolat”

The reason I share this is:

The product was sublime, perfect.

My dear friend / colleague died of a cancer at a young age. I miss him, but Hotel Chocolat will always remain.

Thank you Lea,

Kind Regards Jonathan.

BTW, lets have a call. I have some questions. I would like to introduce you to some of our work. 07387 269203

Ah, what a lovely memory Jonathan. Funny how tastes and smells can take us back to a moment in time and can help to cement moments into meaningful stories.

We’ll be sure to get back in touch and hear more details of the DraperBIOTECH work, and maybe even more stories about Michael’s legacy :slight_smile: