Storytelling and the Self

Stories help us to feel in control of our world, and make sense of our place within it.

We’ve cherry-picked our favourite insights to help you dig deeper into the ways in which stories manifest across our internal lives.

  • A great piece examining the development of our ‘life stories’ and how our ‘narrative identities’ shape as we age - a key insight into why redemptive narrative arcs tend to create more positive outcomes out of our pasts.
  • This article investigates storytelling as a means of reparation. In the midst of despair, we can still find and create meaning by embracing ‘tragic optimism’
  • An excellent listen that delves into enlightening theories and historical anecdotes to help explain why humans are so hardwired for stories, regardless of whether or not they are logical, or even true.
  • The default mode of human cognition is a narrative mode - here’s why…

Phew, it’s quite deep for a Monday! Just casually reflecting on how the stories we tell ourselves mean we (un)consciously craft narratives to make sense of life’s chaos…

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