Storytelling and Climate Framing

Stories are central to an organisation’s or movement’s success. Stories can mobilise supporters and nascent audiences, build the profile of issues and causes, and make change happen.

Faced with a climate and ecological emergency, we need stories about good ideas and change to spread faster than ever before. As The Pulitzer Prize-winner Dan Fagin puts it: “Storytelling is part of the solution to the climate dilemma.”

Here are 3 resources we recommend to help frame your climate-based stories, whether you’re an environmental policy-maker or a cleantech entrepreneur:

  1. PIRC, and NEON present a 12-month project researching what people in the UK think about climate change and how it can be used by NGOs and environmental activists to frame climate justice. They also note how this has changed within the context of COVID-19 and #BlackLivesMatter.
  1. Climate Outreach provides a toolkit for engaging the British public on climate change. Their research segments the UK public according to their cultural views, political opinions and social actions, and suggests ways to prompt conversations with them about climate change.
  1. Friends of the Earth and PIRC brought together civil society and the public in a cross-issue coalition to understand how to frame a more sustainable, equitable, inclusive, democratic Europe, answering the question “How should we talk about building better societies in Europe?”

If you have any thoughts, questions or other brilliant climate storytelling recommendations to share, please do reply to this Topic and let the rest of the community know!

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