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Hi! My names Leah and I’m the Stronger Stories community lead - you’ll be hearing a lot more from me across our community pages, but I just wanted to take the time to formally introduce myself and hear a bit more about our community members - AKA you! Don’t be shy…

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Hi, I’m Rosie and I represent Story & Insights here at Stronger Stories. I live in Hove
(…actually :joy:).

I love to delve into the stories behind the people and ideas that are solving some of society’s biggest challenges.

I’m really excited to hear and learn from our community with the hopes that I can help unlock and fulfil story potential.

Hi, I’m Tom and I’m fairly new around here, having joined the Stronger Stories team at the start of October this year.

My background is in learning and development with a focus on learning design and consultancy. I work with the Stronger Stories team to develop and deliver our Story School and specialist programmes. I’m excited to be blurring the lines between courses and community and helping to nurture social and peer learning in our mission to democratise storytelling power with love.

I have lots to learn and I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. :grinning:

Hi everyone, I’m Helen. I joined the team at the start of lockdown after a decade changing behaviour in health.

My role is all about Story & Relationships - that means I support the people and partners we work with to understand what it is you need, and to help change happen that will improve our world for the better. One of the best ways to do this is to share ideas and conversations which is why I am very happy to be part of this inspiring community.

See you soon.

Hey people, Eman here.

I started my journey with Stronger Stories in September and Story and Content is my thing.

I really enjoy pushing the creative boundaries of any and everything you can think of (literally everything) with the aim to push positive change.

Im looking forward to get to know you all in a space we can grow and learn together.


I’m Will and I work on Story & Creativity at Stronger Stories.

I spent the first decade of this century working in marketing agencies selling people things they don’t really need. During this time I was haunted by the words of my favourite comedian Bill Hicks: “Quit putting a goddamn dollar sign on every f**king thing on this planet.”

So since 2015, I’ve focused on using the power of storytelling to sell change for the better.

I bring what I’ve learnt working on brand campaigns for change (such as the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Channel 4’s Meet the Superhumans) to the support and campaigns Stronger Stories creates.

Anyone with a good idea is my Hero, and I’m here to help if I can.

Hi, i’m Holly and also fairly new to the Stronger Stories team .

Before I joined my lovely colleagues and their mission to democratise storytelling with love I worked for nearly 10 years at a global energy and services company. I had roles in Business Development, Innovation and Business Change.

My role is Story & Clean Growth. I want to share my experience of being the ‘gatekeeper’ of new innovations and share this with all of you, so you can help break down barriers, influence where needed and drive the changed needed for society to reach net zero.

I love listening to and learning about ideas, so really excited to join this community and hear your stories of change.

Hi team! I’m Jordy, a freelance marketing & storytelling strategist from Toronto, Canada.

I’ve been fortunate enough to create and unpack stories from both the fiction and non-fiction angles (the latter pays the bills :sweat_smile:). I’m currently building an eLearning platform myself. It’s focused on professional development, and storytelling is one of our key pillars of learning. I found Stronger Stories when I was researching others in the space, and hope to learn a lot from y’all and this community.

My partner and I already used the Story Canvas to assist in a branding exercise! It was helpful and even sparked the idea for a new service line within our budding business.

Hi Jordy,

Glad the canvas was useful for you. Great to hear how you’re wrapping storytelling into professional development :slight_smile:

HI Tom, It is great to have your help and assistance with developing the story of Intrinsic Energy especially as you have an L&D background!


Hi Team,

I am Katherine, a global keynote speaker and corporate trainer. I have lived all over the world from an early age but am half American half English and am currently moving from London to Brighton (this Friday!).

I have traditionally worked for large, global organisations helping them with Communication Skills, Business Development, Personal Growth and Leadership/Management. I have always wanted to find a way to make corporate training available and affordable for SMEs, Start-ups and individuals. At the bringing of 2020 as the world went into lockdown, people turned to technology to stay connected and continue to grow. Through the use of technology, I have now created a way to enable everyone to gain the skills they need to take their careers to the next level with live, virtual learning in small groups.

I am very excited to develop this story and help people understand the benefits to investing in learning and development.

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Ah, Katherine, Brighton is a great city - it’s where Stronger Stories HQ is based. I hope the move goes well and hopefully once lockdown is over we’ll be able to invite you to some in-person events in the neighbourhood :slight_smile:

It was great to hear more about the brilliant work your developing at Intrinsic Energy in yesterday’s session - and we’re really happy to welcome you to the Community!

Hi Katherine and welcome!

I look forward to chatting more about the great things you’re doing and would love to see more of the platform you’ve created. :slight_smile:

I hope also I can learn from your experience of delivering live interactive sessions - so please do give us feedback as we go through the programme.


Good luck with the move Katherine, and let us know if you need any Brighton tips and recommendations. Great to have you on here!

Hi! I’m Sophie and I love statistics. I’ve ended up part of the Stronger Stories community by having an idea to help my aunty and the foodbank she works by making sure they could always meet the demand. It’s a slight twist on the normal work Bays (my company does) but it’s good to be helping others.

I’m Kenny Cameron, one of three co-founders of Connected Response - we specialise in smart-charging existing electric storage heating and hot water systems to improve comfort and alleviate fuel poverty. I am 62 and have spent the majority of my career in utilities (mainly underground networks) in manufacturing, supply chain and distribution - in MD and Sales Director roles in last 28 years. This is the first time I have set up my own business having always described myself as more comfortable being entrepreneurial with other people’s money/business…although in many cases my mindset has been to do my job as if I was the owner.
I consider that story-telling has been a career strength but I want to take part to get better on the basis that every edge gained makes a difference. Looking forward to it

Hi Sophie, and welcome to the community. Great to have you with us (and to hear how your idea came to life!)

Hi Kenny - welcome to the community. Looking forward to reviewing your story canvas in our session today. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I’m Paul. I’m too close to 50 for comfort, and live in Derby with my wife, two teenage kids and two unruly dogs.

I’m a former headteacher, who turned round a failing school and saw how technology could deliver impact in a sustainable, scalable way.

I’m now 8 years into my journey and over that time I’ve come to realise that my work is driven by a desire to make the education system inclusive, supportive and high-quality for all.

We’re working with all ages, phases and school types (Deaf, mainstream, special and hospital), bringing professionals together so they can safely share their teaching, learn from each other and then support each other to meet the needs of every child.

I’m really excited to have the chance to work on making our story stronger, not least because the education system is said to be the hardest of all industries to change!

A strong story, to go with our revolutionary service is what’s needed!

I look forward to working with you.

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