Rich insight into the stories moving across society and how COVID, the economy, and deep narratives are shifting

The COVID-19 narrative landscape started out complex, stretching out and touching nearly every conversation in its path, and it’s remained so. The overlapping events of the last decade - the growing Movement for Black Lives, the climate crisis, the viciousness of inequality, the rise of authoritarian populism that threatens democracy - continue to challenge our understanding of the world around us, but COVID-19 cracked open narratives about the economy and the way workers are framed in a new way.

This report by Reframe maps the narrative landscape of the nexus of COVID-19 and highlights the key insights, trends, stories and possibilities from the last year of upheaval. It’s hefty, but there’s some gold in there for anyone looking to make sense of current story-system upheaval.

While some opportunities have narrowed over the past year we have started to see others expand. There are long term and near-term narrative interventions that progressive actors, influencers, organisations, formations and movements can invest in and continue to build towards a vision of a multi-racial democracy and an economy that works for all of us.

We have seen people, networks, and organisations come together in extraordinary times to do extraordinary things in response to an onslaught of crises over the past year. There are also foreseeable opportunities, in relationship to the narratives explored in this report to deepen relationships amongst communities and networks, and support broader narrative change.

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