How to Keep your Short Story Impactful

It’s not easy whittling down all of the elements of your story to their essence. Einstein says it better than me:

Any Intelligent fool can can make things bigger and more complex… it takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.

Here are 3 resources we recommend to help inspire and organise the hardest-working elements of your story.

  • The Founder Institute recommends using this simple one-sentence pitch format to communicate all of the core elements of your business.
  • Some helpful elevator pitch examples here from real businesses and a good explainer of why they work.
  • Inspired by the world’s shortest story: “For Sale: babies shoes, never worn.” 33 writers were challenged to create their own 6 word stories.

If you have any helpful tips or links to shape your story into different sizes - please do share!

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Also, this made me laugh: