How To Keep a Movement Moving

“Action is one of the only things that can truly make a movement and not just a moment which dies a quick death after online virality.”

Framing the challenges in your journey of change provide that action, and offer opportunities for others to join your journey to help overcome them. They should escalate as your journey continues and build on the momentum already created in your story.

Global Pride 2020 uses the three challenges of ‘Exist, Persist, Resist’ – three actions that can help create the change they want to see. These escalate, allowing for commitment to the journey of change to grow and they work in an inclusive way because no matter where your starting point in the journey is (exist, persist or resist), you can be included. The challenges are short and snappy but can be elaborated on for further direction. They are also broad enough that they can relate to the contexts of different community heroes and allies.

Are there any other examples you can think of that bring this momentum to life?

How would you frame the challenges that are standing in the way of your mission?