How Oddbox started the wonky veg revolution

We’ve decoded Oddbox’s storytelling craft to reveal the secret sauce behind their compelling call to action.

Read the article below to uncover the three storytelling points we’ve identified as key to their success in elevating their communications up to something bigger than wonky veg deliveries!

Pay particular attention to their Call to Adventure, Crossing the Threshold and Better World story elements.

Oddbox Canvas.pdf (Click to download full canvas)

What other techniques do they employ to make their audience commit to their brand?

Do you subscribe to Oddbox? If so, what made you want to join the revolution?

Want to test out a call to adventure on a willing audience?

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We did a very quick run-through of the Oddbox canvas within yesterday’s webinar, if it piqued your interest, there’s a bit of a deeper dive in the post above :slight_smile: @BIRD2021-Full-Cohort