How are things going?

Hey team!

Just wanted to check in with you guys after a two-week hiatus from our Story Circle sessions. If you have any questions or updates to share, we’d love to hear them.

We’ve caught up with a few of you in various guises and have heard some great updates. Congrats to @Stephen_tekihealth & @iji from Tekihealth Solutions who have been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Health Tech Newspaper Awards, and to @Katherine at Intrinsic Energy who has hired her first employee using the Innovate UK Funding!

We’re interested to hear how you guys have been getting on with your story-as-strategy work and to hear how the IUK funding has helped you progress. We also wanted to remind you that you can still access the course content at BIRD Story Accelerator - Stronger Stories

Don’t know about you lot, but we’re personally relieved to see the back of what feels like one of the longest January’s in living memory…

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Thanks Leah,

We’ve started a new wholly-owned subsidiary. As per my signature block below. First two employees now being hired. One sales and one marketeer – the latter will receive the benefit of a partially worked up Elevator Brief and Lean Story of course. Will be interesting to see what they make of it!








Congrats Mike :partying_face: Great to hear about the development of a new division - really exciting times ahead.

We hope the canvas and elevator pitches provide a good baseline to kick off some new stories for biocareuv (and beyond!)

We’d love to hear how things progress, and are of course, always available here if you or the team have any questions on developing the story canvas for different applications.

Keep up the good work!

Hi Leah,

Just to let you and the team know that I have put together an advert for SpaceTeams using the Stronger Stories Storyboard / elevator pitch as my guide. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!


Wow @JoFox, what a call to adventure that is!

It does such a great job of building momentum and excitement, whilst outlining the educational offering – incorporating the space experts as allies within the video is particularly powerful, they really add that layer of credibility and scarcity to your approach.

It’s a really strong asset that will convince both parents and students that this mission is one worth going on. Brilliant work :earth_asia: :star2: :ringer_planet:

The only question I have left to ask is, can I come?!