Exploring values and mindset shifts

Mindsets—fundamental, assumed patterns of thinking that shape how we make sense of the world and act in it.

Values – principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

Both emerge from and are tied to social practices and institutions that make up the fabric of our world. They are woven into our identities and are therefore slow to change.

But with the events of 2020 and 2021 redefining core society, is this accelerating a change in our own philosophies?

Here are some resources we have curated to help explore these ideas:

  • The Frameworks Institute explores from a communications and framing perspective, how the nonprofit sector use the landmark moment we are in to shift deeply rooted mindsets towards understanding the need for meaningful change?


  • Liz Manne examines how values shape the kinds of stories that stick with us, move us, and maybe even open us up to deeper change.
  • Schwartz Theory of Basic Values: discover the ten motivationally distinct values
    that people in virtually all cultures implicitly recognize.

If you have any other reading materials to share, or want to add your voice to the discussion - hit reply.

@BIRD-Wed-Circle - some more resources here on Values and Mindsets that might be helpful following on from our chat yesterday!

Hi Leah, Thanks for the link to the resources! Enjoyed the session yesterday and have found the reading material really useful.

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