Exploring Climate Perspectives

The world has changed and climate advocates are having to change with it, adapting plans and campaigns to a profoundly new external environment. We have collated some perspective shifting sources to explore some of the storytelling aspects of this changing landscape:

*Government research worth exploring as it complements the existing literature by focusing on public views toward how we reach net-zero – with a more holistic focus on what could help to facilitate the range of behaviours and actions that could contribute towards reaching the target, rather than focusing in detail on the adoption of specific behaviours.

  • Findings from thirty semi-structured interviews conducted with academic, policy and practitioner communities in the United Kingdom (UK) which explored what sub-themes could be utilised to engage audiences on climate change through narratives focused around cities, the countryside, communities and the home.
  • Communicating climate change during the Covid-19 crisis. What does the evidence say about how to engage people on climate change while we’re dealing with another crisis? Through 10 principles, this guide provides insights into what effective climate communications can look like during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Climate-Outreach-Communicating-climate-change-during-Covid-19-crisis.pdf (3.3 MB)

  • Interesting quick read exploring language and accountability:
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