Climate & Sustainability Newsletters

Self-confessed ‘sustainability nerd’, Ryan Hagen, has compiled a list of 11 climate-based newsletters, which share stories about people championing sustainability. The list includes well-known favourites like Bill McKibben’s The Climate Crisis and Yale’s Climate Communications.

It also includes one of our personal favourites - Heated by Emily Atkin, ‘for people who are pissed off about the climate crisis.’ Her recent piece on how far Earth Day has deviated from its initial aim was particularly interesting.

“Earth Day wasn’t supposed to be a corny celebration of green living. Founded in 1970, amid rising awareness of industry’s unchecked pollution of the air and water, its organizers aimed to apply the lessons of civil-right activism to the environmental movement. […] Every April, in the lead-up to a holiday intended to expose environmental injustice, our inboxes become the destination for people who want to take advantage of it for personal gain.”

A newsletter I would like to add to the mix is the Energy & Climate Daily News Alert - although it’s not strictly a newsletter, it is really useful for keeping up with current debates and stories on energy and climate change issues in the UK.

If you have any newsletter recommendations reply to this Topic and let the rest of the community know! :newspaper_roll: :+1:

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