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Hi all, have been keeping my eye on this space for a while. Very cool community system you’ve developed here… and I love the huge amount of badges :wink:

Thanks Jordy. Watch this space, as we hope to onboard some new community members very soon!

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Is it safe to say that this whole forum is custom built? It’s quite slick!

We’ve actually used Discourse and plugged it into our site with a bit of dev work done on the design. Highly recommend as a platform, really interesting thinking based around trust levels and open source software!

Ohh, cool! It’s a very interesting take on redesigning the forum without reinventing the wheel.

Totally :nerd_face: We’re still in the early days but everything we’ve thrown at it so far has proven that it should be up to the task of housing a thriving online community – we just need to invite people to it now!

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How do I find the Miro Board to find my canvas?

I founf my pdf canvas!

Hi Kenny - glad you located it :slight_smile:

@leah - do I post the PDF canvas of the story - and if so “where”. I have a couple of blank sections - I’m sure I’ve seen an “overview” somewhere - but I have had a bit of a look round and can’t find it - can you point me to it whilst I get a bit more familiar with the site. Thank you

Say my name and I’ll appear - just like a Genie in a bottle (or bubble!)

All ok Suzanne?

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@leah I think I hit enter before I’d finished - and then edited - not sure you saw my 2 questions.

Ah yes thanks for the nudge.

You can just email me the PDF version of your canvas - - and I can pop it through to our relevant planning boards.

There’s a generic, fast-track overview to the Canvas blocks here:

And you can also find the deeper lesson dive within your bespoke BIRD Story Accelerator school link under the ‘How to use the Story Canvas to Create a Stronger Story for your Business’ section.

Hope that helps, but happy to answer any specific questions as and when they arise :slight_smile:

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