Business as Unusual - Anita Roddick and The Body Shop

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For #WomensHistoryMonth we wanted to look a bit closer at Anita Roddick’s story - Business as Unusual.

She was the Founder of The Body Shop, as well as the a social and environmental activist.

She found a way to marry her products with politics. To me, her life and success were rooted in story, and it’s a story that still permeates our society, minds and skin today.

Check out this blog and discover the components that came together to make her story so compelling.

Hope it gets your storytelling cogs turning - if it does, share some insights with us! Just tap reply :raised_hands:t6:

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A Stronger Stories’ favourite podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz - interviewed the founder of Lush Cosmetics, Mark Constantine.

The episode is well worth a listen, not least because he started his journey alongside Anita Roddick! There are tonnes of candid insights into how Roddick started The Body Shop empire from the POV of Mark, her friend (and supplier.)

I really enjoyed hearing how two cosmetics pioneers shaped their own paths within the industry, with such strong values-led businesses.

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