An elevator pitch template

Here is a google docs template to help you create and capture your elevator pitches for your company - use it alongside the lesson in the Telling Your Story Module.

Happy pitch writing!


I had a go at this tonight! Very interesting results, I think I could be constantly fiddling and iterating if left to my own devices! Looking forward to getting some feedback in the session tomorrow as I am still treating my stories as two separate things and need help to combine them. See you soon!

Hey Sam :wave:

Glad you found it useful, and looking forward to hearing the results tomorrow!

Hey @Tom, where do you want us to put our Elevator pitches? Or are they to kept back for the session itself?

Hey Alistair,

You can keep hold of them, or drop into the Miro Board. We’ll be using a bit of the session to review and develop them/your canvases a little further also.

Speak soon,