All things NHS

Hi All,

Something that was picked up by @kate.liberty from Trusted Stays in our story circle this week, was the likely common ground of the NHS among a number of companies on the programme.

Thank you for flagging this Kate, you suggested it would be useful to connect and share experiences and we thought that’s a great idea.

So, for those of you who have the NHS as a key customer, Mentor, or Ally… please do use this Topic thread as a space to connect.

Tagging a few folk who I suspect may find this helpful :slight_smile: @iji @Kevo1234 @Sam @Caretek_Medical @stephenleiper

(…and for others in sectors working with similar common organisations or agencies, feel free to add similar topics in this space.)


great idea, we certainly have a lot of regular touch points with the NHS

Amazing! Thank you @Tom . I would love to connect with anyone who is working on anything related to the NHS, as we are finding it really hard to get into the right people!

Happy to pick up here and chat separatly or email me

Many thanks

Hi Stephen, I don’t think we are in the same group, but happy to have a chat to share insights and knowledge.

I’m on Thanks!

Glad to see some connections being made. :slight_smile:

I realise that we at Stronger Stories have the luxury of knowing companies across the Story Circle groups - I started thinking about sharing canvases as a way of introducing different companies, but then I remembered you all have some recently created Elevator Pitches and this conversation could be a good opportunity to put them to use :wink: .