A bit more about our final session this afternoon

Hi @BIRD-Story-Circle-A @BIRD-Story-Circle-B @BIRD-Story-Circle-C @BIRD-Story-Circle-D @BIRD-Story-Circle-E :wave:

We look forward to seeing you at 3.30pm today for our final story event. It’s been such a brilliant couple of months getting to know you and helping you create a more impactful story.

In the session this afternoon, we’ll be getting insights and advice from 3 special guests - experts in the top three business priorities identified by you, from your Story-As-Strategy questionnaire:

  • Building Profile - we’ll be speaking to Jon Card, a journalist for the Guardian, Times and Telegraph
  • Securing Funding - Jonathan Bryers, a venture partner at 350 IP will give us the perspective from investors
  • Winning Customers - hear from Mike Dunlop, a procurement consultant at Insider Pro, about using story for successful sales

We’ll be leading a focussed Q&A session with each speaker and then taking further follow up questions from the floor. So have a think and come with your questions.

We’ll also reflect on the next steps in growing your business in 2021 and what you can expect from this pilot after today.

We hope to see you there! :smiley: